EHITUSKESKUS – construction information centre and seminars

The Estonian Construction Centre (EHITUSKESKUS) is a construction information centre. Our company ET Infokeskuse AS was founded back in 1993.


The results of the activities of ET Infokeskuse AS and the EHITUSKESKUS:

The first task in 1993 was to translate the Codes of Construction Practices (RYL) and many engineering design and construction guidelines into Estonian. RYL codes describe good engineering practice as follows: everything that is designed and constructed must be safe for users and must meet certain quality standards.

In 1995 the construction information centre EHITUSKESKUS was opened.

Our main activities are:

  • translation and sales of books (including RYL codes) and guidelines in the field of construction work;
  • a year-round construction exhibition;
  • organisation of construction-related seminars and training.


The mission of the ET Infokeskuse AS and the Estonian Construction Information Fund is to create and develop, through good engineering practice, a consistent and sustainable construction environment for all the parties in the field of construction work and thus to ensure a better living environment.


  • Reliability
  • Neutrality
  • Expertise
  • Customer orientation


In the years to come, ET Infokeskus will continue as a leading construction information centre in Estonia. We will continue to create and intermediate new products and services related to construction work both individually and with partners.